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One of my current works-in-progress is a composition of white phyllotaxis designs of varying sizes, drawing on concepts of weaving, mythology, space and science-fiction. The piece will be constructed in phases. I like to think of each individual design as representing an interval of time, emotions and thoughts. More will be added to the overall composition as stockpiles form of these translated time-periods.

The eventual ideal setting for its installation was initially envisioned as a big public space,  showcased at night accompanied by a projector with colourful, changing visuals.

After a brief chat with a colleague it became apparent that different fibers reflect light differently, some better than others, and I realized that before doing an initial test installation at uni, I should first do one in my studio.

So here’s a summary of the results:

Initial construction composition (around 20 individual designs at this stage)
Sourcing of public domain projection footage; ‘The Thread of Life‘, ‘Sperm‘ and ‘Electric Sheep

White fluorescent light –


‘The Thread of Life’ –


Electric Sheep –


(one of the more interesting results IMO)


Sperm –
[Back wall with shadows]
[[I found the footage itself quite beautiful, however underutilised in this application.]]




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