Large-Scale Installation

Branching patterns / Tetrahedron Abstractions

Translation & Distortion


Original Concept, 2D representation, each vertex is intended to represent a tetrahedron prism.


First iteration, lack of tension. Blue as a reference to “colour is information” post, non-mirroring of form due to lack of materials, the result is a singular tetrahedron abstraction.



With tension applied.

The experiment has lead to this revised design concept…


Again, each vertex represents a tetrahedron prism. The 6 top points would be tethered to environmental structures while 3 lower points would be pulled to the floor using weights.

I like the idea of using sand, sugar & flour, Ernesto Neto inspired, a poetic reference to things which ‘ground’ us & and a personal reference to the diet which fuels the creation of the work (staples, comfort & natural inspiration). I also like the idea that much like fiber, these substances can take on virtually any form when subjected to simple forces.


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