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Haegue Yang at Bergen Kunsthall

December 16th, 2013 in Exhibitions

“Space 4: Medicine Men

…    Usually consisting of clothes racks from shop displays, the light-sculptures are characterized by a highly varied selection of materials and objects which she assembles on these racks, ranging from everyday household articles or mass-produced, cheap, often ‘gaudy’ trinkets in strong colours to hand-knitted or crocheted elements as well as natural materials such as driftwood, dried herbs and mushrooms. ”

Eileen Quinlan at Miguel Abreu

December 3rd, 2013 in Exhibitions

“Press Release:

… Corrosion and abrasion alternately conceal and disrupt the images in these works, which take as their subjects varied visual motifs that have rarely appeared in her previous work: new portraits and rephotographed snapshots of the same figures from years prior; a close-up of a crocheted doily; printed stripes and hash patterns; imageless negatives, in which the process of decay itself forms an accidental composition; and a rephotographed reproduction of Gutai artist Saburo Murakami’s 1955 Laceration of Paper performance.”

“Body I Am” at Alison Jacques

February 24th, 2013 in Exhibitions

Press Release:

…As alluring selffetishised ʻwomanʼ, Jürgenssen is both critiquing and counter-examining these destructive stereotypes, and those of occidental pictorial traditions. She takes this fetishisation further with two coloured-pencil anatomical studies in which parts of the body are reformed: in Backbone Alteration, (1974) her arched spine is broken into two columns, tearing her skin up the length of her torso, while in Muscle Shoe (1976) foot ligaments have become attached to a high heel and sole and become the shoe itself. In an adjacent porcelain sculpture, the foot has grown a spiked heel, while its toes try to squeeze into a crocheted gold glove. Nearby in Pregnancy Shoe, a worn, stained pink silk sculpture of a shoe includes a silk fetal form instead of a decorative buckle.”


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