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[HTML]Ureteral stent retrieval using the crochet hook technique in females

T Kawahara, H Ito, H Terao, T Yamagishi, T Ogawa… – PloS one, 2012 –

Ureteral stent exchange under fluoroscopic guidance using the crochet hook technique in women

T Kawahara, H Ito, H Terao, Y Yamashita… – Urologia …, 2012 –

[CITATION] Yarn bombing: The art of crochet and knit graffiti

M Moore, L Prain – 2009 – Arsenal Pulp Press

Nickel allergy in patch‐tested female hairdressers and assessment of nickel release from hairdressers’ scissors and crochet hooks

JP Thyssen, K Milting, A Bregnhøj, H Søsted… – Contact …, 2009 – Wiley Online Library

The 42nd crochet: Getting students hooked into a literacy community

M Boyd, S Kneller – The Reading Teacher, 2009 – Wiley Online Library

Geoeffectiveness of solar flares in magnetic crochet (sfe) production: I—Dependence on their spectral nature and position on the solar disk

JJ Curto, LR Gaya-Piqué – Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial …, 2009 – Elsevier

[BOOK] Stitch’n bitch crochet: The happy hooker

D Stoller – 2006 –

[CITATION] Irish Crochet Lace: Motifs from County Monaghan

E d’Arcy – 2003 – Colin Smythe

The crochet hook method of stab avulsion phlebectomy for varicose veins

BE Waddell, MB Harkins, PA Lepage… – The American journal of …, 1996 – Elsevier

[CITATION]Crochet: History & Technique

L Paludan – 1995 – Interweave Press


Search term ‘Crochet semiotic’, anywhere in the article, not including patients – results from 1st page as follows;

Hometown ideology and retailer legitimation: the institutional semiotics of Wal-Mart flyers

SJ Arnold, RV Kozinets, JM Handelman – Journal of Retailing, 2001 – Elsevier
 Next is the heart of the paper—a semiotic analysis of the Wal-Mart flyer  When this semiotically
derived question is posed, the Wal-Mart flyer reveals a considerable amount about the audience 
can help pick each other up just like a family member would do.” The crochet thread is 


[CITATION] Towards a Semiotic Analysis of Incarceration, Entrapment and Creativity among Women

JA Gibbons


Unraveling Crochet

H Sowden – 2015 –
 sweaters, slippers, and hats became feasible (Paludan 1995). The most well-known crocheted
item today, the often many-colored or patch-  transforming leftover yarn into something useful,
and in the 1940s crocheting By the mid-20th century, crochet had firmly exited the 


Publication Date

April 2015


Art Studio, Anthropology


English (United States)


Definitions of craft abound and the way that craft production is delineated from non-craft production at different historical moments highlights changing views on the sometimes-strict and sometimes-blurry dichotomies between the useful and the decorative, art and craft, mind and body, masculine and feminine. This essay explores discourses surrounding craft production beginning in the European Middle Ages and concluding in present day online craft communities. Crochet, an understudied and under-theorized craft form, is used as a case study to highlight the ways in which contemporary craft practices draw upon shifting historical definitions of craft and self-creation, weaving together a tangled history in the elaboration of every craft object and craft-person.


Correction sequences and semiotic resources in ensemble music workshops: the case of Conduction®

D Veronesi – Social Semiotics, 2014 – Taylor & Francis
 Special Issue: Doing (things with) sounds: Music as a site of social semiosis developed so as
to take into account participants’ use of further vocal and visible semiotic resources (prosody,
gestures  [CrossRef], [Web of Science ®] View all references) or to crochet chain stitches 



The paper examines the phenomenon of correction of musical action by analysing ensemble music workshops devoted to Conduction®, a way of making music together on the basis of a codified gestural lexicon addressed by a conductor to instrumentalists. In particular, it focuses on correction sequences initiated by the conductor and related to the musical material to be played and discusses the techniques used by the conductor to construct and sequentially organize correction, showing how these are accomplished through the interplay and mutual contextualization of talk and further audible and visible semiotic resources. Based on the fine-grained analysis of two correction sequences, the study stresses the role of multimodality for investigating music and pedagogy from an interactional perspective, while highlighting the peculiarities of Conduction as performative and educational practice.


Social Fabric

M Hebron – The Journal of Modern Craft, 2013 – Taylor & Francis
 The Flags owe a clear debt to the semiotic queries posed by the Pictures Generation in the
1970s–80s with works by artists like Victor Burgin or Martha  For her Counterfeit Crochet Project
Syjuco invited participants from around the world to make crocheted versions of 


[BOOK]” Proud as a Peacock”: An Historic and Semiotic Analysis of Illustrated” Vogue” Magazine Covers from 1909 and 1911

AM Dreher – 2008 –
 The exploration of these ‘statements’ and related matters falls to semiotics” (Colapietro, 1993,
 generally of cambric, elaborately embroidered or trimmed with embroidery, crochet or lace  Historic
and Semiotic Analysis of Illustrated Vogue Magazine Covers 21 helped American 


[PDF]A multimodal social semiotic approach to jewellery design pedagogy

S Salaam – 2012 –
 alternative materials or techniques which include unconventional processes such as crochet,
felting or  Karlsson (2011) who present an in depth social semiotic argument regarding materiality 
the social and contextual interests of the individual into semiotically shaped materials. 


[CITATION] Ubu and the Signs of the Theater

M Issacharoff – Pre-Text, Text, Context, Robert L. Mitchell ed.( …


[CITATION] The antimacassar in fact and fiction: how textual

A McEwan – Textiles and Text: Re-establishing the Links …, 2007 – Archetype Publications


[CITATION] The more art, the more science: narrative interpretations of art (and life)

S Goett – Working Papers in Art and Design, 2008




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