Art Documentaries

Via ABC iview

Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs Gravity

In an introduction to Streb’s life and work that peaks with a series of breathtaking performances at the London Olympics, seasoned documentarian Catherine Gund constructs a layered evolutionary portrait of an artist.

LM : Amazing amazing imagery. Incredible to see human bodies using simple augmentation, gravity & movement to create mind bending, beautiful works of art. 

The dancers, although sometimes seriously injured in the process of actualising Elizabeth Streb’s practice, refer to a “magic” which exists in the world of this art form – creating an impression of “anything is possible”. 


Patricia Piccinini: A Dark Fairytale

A portrait of world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, famous for her bizarre creatures. See a pivotal moment of change as she creates a new body of work that includes Skywhale – a massive hot-air-balloon.


When Bjork Met Attenborough

Award-winning musician Bjork and legendary broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough tell the remarkable story of how and why music has evolved and explore our unique relationship with music.


LM : Illustrates the use of the patterns and formulas of nature within music by Bjork. Crystals of different geometry inspire different time signatures.

Bjork: “…4/4, which is like a square”
Attenborough: “Or in this case a cube”
Bjork: “yes”


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