theory of forms



LM: I think I disagree with the extended notion that the “forms” exist seperate to ourselves and are an innate aspect of reality. To me, this idea of objective truth seems flawed because, when representated via semantics, it seems to be a subjective interpretive experience. The notion of studying the “building blocks” of language and how it functions as an iconographical code of signifiers, however, seems very useful. Indeed it is the foundation of how we communicate and translate meaning.
In terms of the poetry of understanding, although I may not fully accept Plato’s theory, the thought that “forms” are forgotten memories being relearned or remembered is interesting. I find it difficult to accept because there is no scientific foundation upon which to situate this logic, however there is something compelling in proposing a link between ideas and collective memory. To me, it brings to mind thoughts of dreams and how they might relate to the human experience.


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