Newi Awards


Galaxy Web Installation at Hunter St Tafe for the 2016 Newi Awards, projections by Just Chuck & HoboTechno.

The work was installed behind the stage area, and can be seen in the live feed. It became a bit washed out by the lighting rig the film crew brought along.

Meanwhile, Honeycomb v3 was in the entrance way…


and the new 3D web was in the stairwell.


newi-awards_smlView of ground floor entrance way from the stairwell which lead up to the main event space. Lighting provided by Just Chuck.

These installations are intended as a poetic representation of the symbiotic relationship between old and new technologies. The event was an award ceremony for Digital Innovation, held at the Hunter St TAFE – a build which itself was built in 1895, over 120 years ago. Crochet is also an old form of rendering designs, however in this case the union between old and new sees the ancient technique coupled with an underlying numerical code structure, signifying the permeation of digital culture into the fibres of our real world environment.


The Galaxy Web Installation in the main event room was also intended to highlight the significance of networking and interconnection in communications and contemporary culture. Embodied in the theme of this nodal design, connection is a practical (as well as poetic) element which gives the work its structural integrity. It reflects back upon the event being held in that digital innovation is a practice built upon collaboration and interdependence.



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