Inspired by the amazing work of Garth Knight I’ve been researching the Japanese art of Shibari and Kinkobu.

Shibari (縛り?) is a Japanese word that literally means “Decoratively Tie”

Kinbaku means “tight binding,” while Kinbaku-bi literally means “the beauty of tight binding.”


The subject matter sits in a grey space for me, in-between my instincts as a feminist and my instincts an artist. I find the technical and aesthetic qualities of the art form incredibly interesting, yet am repelled by the reoccurring image of the ‘damsel in distress’. From an artistic point of view, the model is consenting to an artistic collaboration, and in a best practice scenario this consent is articulated with specific and sophisticated communication between both parties. It’s an intimidate way to engage with the human form and if done correctly, as shown in Garth’s work, the results are a potent mode of visual poetry.