Wearables 2017

In Newcastle, Australia it’s winter and it’s cold. On the plus side, it’s the best time of year to experiment with wearables. Taking a break from the pure research-related crocheting, I let myself have a play with form and design for the body – using as much natural fibre as I could find in my stash. (The lighter coloured pieces pictured are 100% cotton while the dark brown top is mixed fibre, all original designs.)


I’ve also been working on a photography studio setup so these documentation images were also initial test shots. Although I love the tiled walls in my studio they reflect the studio lighting so I’ve updated the setup with the addition of a backdrop.


I’ve also been organising the boxes of nearly, almost, very close to being finished pieces I made years ago. In the context of experimenting with this new set-up and revisiting the concept of wearables I’ve started to finish-off and re-envision some of this older work.

Pictured is a piece from the 2015 Head Sized Study Series, it features a dodecahedron ‘scaffold’ with one panel filled.

_MG_4261 copy

The aim of the studio set up is to allow for a smooth workflow and professional output in the documentation of research. At this point I’m happy with the clarity and sharpness of the images being produced, but the remote control is an annoying presence. I have a time-lapse remote so will revisit that style of documentation in the weeks to come.



Tentacle Headpiece in maroon and brown, new work July 2017.


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